By Sam Stone Mar 26, 2020. … Who would win? Sep 29, 2019 - Goku ultra instinto vs Broly and jiren y moro. Poll Broly Vs Jiren (239 votes) Jiren 58% . Comment. At his strongest, it is suggested that Fu is weaker than Ultra Instinct Goku, because you have to fight him, however he does give you TONS of power from the changes in history he created. Both of these characters prove to be powerful, but which one is stronger? Share Share Tweet Email. Broly solos. AnonDB: 2: 11/20 7:57PM: Can Someone Provide … 9,660 1,380. The form can't be that much weaker. There is no solid basis that you can use to scale that Jiren can beat Moro, nor Moro can beat Jiren. If Jiren and Broly waste time going at each other first, Moro eventually wins. Also the fact many argued belmoud > beerus too That shit was soooooo fucken annoying. Funny Height Challenge Pictures. goku and beerus don't know why they call him bills in battle of the gods and call him beerus every other movie . ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Broly was said multiple times to be the strongest villain to date (pre-moro), including a undeniable statement from a very senior official of DB and even freeza admitted in the novel that he's the strongest motherfucker he's ever battled. gideongarner100: 8: 11/12 5:32PM: Prime Moro is MUCH stronger than Jiren. 73 Moro STOMPED a UI Omen Goku … This is a split board - You can return to the Split List for other boards. Moro wiped his ass with a controlled UI Goku, to which Jiren could keep up with well. Well as i siad her rage form seemed to be much stronger, Goku has also achieved several power-ups through ToP, Dont worry though give broly a few more fights to adapt and go beserk he'll definitely pass Jiren. Limit Breaker Jiren VS Full Power Broly(DBS), SSB Gogeta(DBS Broly) VS Fused Moro/Moro73 (Read the OP). What do you think? Moro beats Jiren and Broly. 73 Moro VS Jiren: Here is where it gets controversial cause i think 73 Moro wins and in a comfortable way. Photography. She is even weaker than SSG Goku from her showings.. Actually Goku was supressed when fighting her in SSB, @leothegreatest: I don't agree with the MUI Goku>SSB Gogeta pure wank either (at least not ToP MUI, current MUI is a toss up), but I'm pretty sure he didn't tap into it during the Broly movie because he legitimately couldn't, MUI > SSB Gogeta isn't wank it's just common sense and logic every version of MUI Goku beats Gogeta, Normal Jiren mid diffs, he has lot better feats, Berserk Kale was pretty much portrayed to be as much above SSB Goku as DBZ Broly was above Super Sayian Goku, she no solled his full power Kamehameha and literaly overpowered it by merely walking, Even did this in a clear reference to Broly, Yet Jiren casually one-shotted her while suppressed, Her later controlled form was for some reason much weaker but Berserk one was this strong, that is also not metoning that once agian Jiren is a lot stronger at full power and has a lot of other great feats too, he wins this, Goku was Supressed thats the only reason it didnt work he continously stated he wasnt going to waste energy and he needed to conserve it for greater threats, Jiren wins but its not mid diff its beyond high diff more like extreme diff also Kale and Broly are two different people Broly's form is way stronger than Kale's I think you misunderstand the transformations and your thinking Kale's form is what broly has when it isnt just be awareJiren does win though. Moro literally fodderized two CSSB at FULL POWER in like a few minutes. Moro (seven three absorbed) vs Jiren and Broly. Replace Gokū and Vegeta from the new movie with Jiren. Art. … Nov 14, 2020 #908 Tbh Jiren had a strong argument for being around Beerus level at the … If he was trying she would have been thrown off early, 2. she would have been damaged severely by that kamehameha, 3. goku vs zamasu. Fast forward a few years later after Dragon Ball Super anime ended along with the Broly Movie, we were introduced to a new manga series of Dragon Ball Super. Saved from Jiren vs Broly. @eredin12: It doesn't make sense that her controlled form is like...more than 50×times weaker, aka fatigued SSG Goku level. I honestly think that Broly takes the win, he tanked a full power punch from SSG Vegeta, while Jiren had to use his fingers in order to fight SSG Goku (who is stronger), not just that, he grows stronger as he fights, eventully he will adapt to Jirens attacks and clobber him. Omen never dodged the energy drain, Moro just never used it on Goku. Dragon Ball Súper es … Related: Final Form Moro vs Vegeta Reborn – Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 61 However, I would agree that Goku using ultra instinct in the tournament of power was a form of technique. This is an animation made by a fan with the intention of entertaining. He actually did Go MUI but then it deactivated because didnt keep it up but okay. Goku va Moro. Photography Subjects. Goku compared him to Beerus (his benchmark, obv the guy at the top of the foodchain) Enough with nonsense already, jiren fans give up your boy is old news. Jun 4, 2020 #9 Ejenku said: Every major villian surpasses the previous in dragonball almost 99% of the time. Topic Archived; First; Previous; Page . Broly would probably go down as well if he can't make the fight last long to become stronger. Omegas03; Thread; Mar 15, 2020; dragon ball jiren son goku son goku (dragon ball super) Replies: 5; Forum: Fun and Games; I need to know how deep yujiro is into 5-B. 0. Jun 4, 2020 #10 Superstars said: Click to expand... Not when Broly rides shotgun with the resident catman.