But I finally managed to fix it by I had the same issue. It has 2) Right click and duplicate (it will duplicate the old version, of course, without any of the changes you have made), 3) Open the duplicate. In the list below, ensure the Developer and Add-Ins options are checked, click OK. Click Developer → Document Template. Then look for the File Format box in the lower right hand corner of the Save As box you should be in. 2.Click on Command tab. Also, I can no longer save or export to PDF. Have no idea how to reinstall Office since it's been so long since I first installed it. Ask Leo! go back and customize the menu structure within Word. Also, if one is creating a new document one doesn't see this. dialog that comes up when you open email attachments. It is insane, but the only way I have been able to work since this happened is to FIRST open Finder and copy the file I want to start with (TEST.docx) and then paste it into the same folder (it will create TEST copy.docx). Did anyone find out a solution? in a subscription to a service I did not request. All other Office apps work normally. Navigate the Ribbon with only the Keyboard. Microsoft Office PowerPivot for Excel 2013 and Excel 2016 2. 4. are solutions for this issue, but there are not yet. Save As Word 97  doesn't help. It only worked for me when I changed the save format to Word 97-2004 .doc. 2. This must be a bug surely? (PC), I was able to save on my Mac. I then created a new document and did a Save. Work through the dialogs and use the Help system to understand how you can It creates a new version in your email. If a document has been set to maintain the compatibility with earlier versions of Word, you can have it converted to the current version of Word as follows: Open the Save As dialog box (File > Save … This worked and saved me from a massive heart attack. Save as, or regular save. 1. I ended up having to copy and paste the whole document onto Google Drive, then save it as a .docx so I could send my stuff where it needed to go. sign into my MS account to activate MS Office. This problem looks like it' s been going on for YEARS and NO solution! MANY THANKS  in advance for any solutions! Equation editor and collaboration via Dropbox is why I tried. (Can't believe it is still a problem!!!!). Since this probably doesn't affect everyone, otherwise the outcry would be quite louder and wouldn't go on for 2 YEARS. Thank you! and I'm scared to do them on my computer because of the problems with saving! TEST 2.docx. Office XP - Word 2002 10.2627.2625 When I try to save a document in Word, nothing happens. In the end the one odd method that did work for me was when I selected Save As, and instead of letting it default to the presented "Downloads" folder, I do not believe after all these years of the same Same problem with "SAve as". (installation) files from old installations of Office. I don't use excel or powerpoint, but I tried them for this purpose and things saved fine. Having the same problem. Fix 1: Delete .spl and .shd files. Outlook's Favorite Folders pane is a handy shortcut to frequently used folders. Can I But ive also just bought a MacBookAir and too save the files, I just use a USB or a SD card, Simple as that. Mode. Click on "File" --> "Save As" and then in the dropdown menu to the left of the search bar change your save location to a "local" location on your MacBook. Then send an email to yourself. I think there must be a loop that gets muddled after a while as, if I switch everything off and on again, it behaves okay for a bit so I forget there's a problem. top option Word Document (.docx) This is the file format you originally tried to save it as. Microsoft Office at the same time usually does not work well. If I start a document in the template that . I copied and pasted my entire document to an email to myself (I wasn't using Track Changes). A dialog box appears. Haven't tried restarting yet, but I see I'm not the only one with this issue. My first problem was that I could not even edit a document. How has this not been fixed? Here I am giving you three fixes. Using Macbook Air. I don't have the step by step for you I tried to covert the documents before trying to save to see if that helped, it did not. Especially with Save As. We consumers are getting caught in the crossfire of a huge war between Apple and Microsoft. Summon the Save As dialog box. Works for me. If you are in a Word or Excel document you can just hit the F12 function key to bring up the 'save as' dialogue box and bypass the file menu altogether. I haven't tried it on Word. In your Word 2016, click File > Options > Save, and then paste the location above into the Default personal templates location box. Mac OS 10.11.6, MS Office 2016. entry there; And one of the options will be to Repair the Office Click OK to close the dialog box. When i click save or save as, either on the toolbar or the drop down menu nothing happens. Mine looked fine. but. If that is too daunting for you then, repair is actually another option. When it does, click the Save button: You have now saved your work to your hard drive. That means it's obvious Microsoft has no intention of correcting with an update. Absolutely impossible to Save in Document 1, but possible in Document 2. It acts like it saved and then it has not. changing the save location. Leaves the file name unchanged and saves nothing. and the problems is gone (for now anyway...keeping my fingers crossed). Same problem. The Save As screen appears, similar to the one shown here. I actually need to be able to change file types between .cvs and .xlsx, so the workaround above won't work for me - I really need "Save As". I am just now starting to realize just how terrible Microsoft Word is. What is the intent to let the problem continue, I wonder. Peter Downhill over 4 years ago. I am having the same issue. However, if a script is active, an ordinary prompt is displayed. Only those shortcuts, with the option setting, open the Windows dialog … I can't even save a document. As with previous versions of Word, you can save files to your computer. Copyright © 2003-2021 Well, it may be time to let it go. I literally just installed this program a month ago, I have already uninstalled and reinstalled. When I check the add-ins, it shows that "Acrobat PDFMaker Office COM Addin" is inactive. Click OK. I created, then I can save and save as. I need to access it from another computer so dropbox ideal. It's been doing this on my MacBook for WEEKS. CAN EMAIL IT. After asking for a refund, they finally got it working. Hi, ... May 13, 2016, 5:30am #3. Opens the Save As dialog and lets you change the format and name of the file, but the default file name is the old filename or the title (up to the first special character like blank or -) of the document (in case it wasn't saved yet - changing the title of the document is of little help as the suggested filename will contain -). The problem started today for me - I noticed that the Save box is not coming down anymore. After uninstalling This is terrible----I waste so much time--- opening up documents--- and every time, I need to go under PAGE SETUP, and do it all over again. I got a script from them to remove not just office, but all other stuff hidden in a bunch of directories. 4. None of the save functions or any functions are accessible. I'm having the same problem. Tried it it did not help. Word for Mac 16.16.2-- they have obviously did upgrades-- but---- none of them have addressed this problem! The Word Options dialog box appears. without too much trouble. Tried the same thing on my Mac, still the same. something that you can fix. Pretext: I did this on 2014 version of Excel after having almost all of the issues described below. to do with Word making calls back and forth via the internet that is causing the problem. AWESOME!!! Email/"Share" the document to yourself so you don't lose it. Better to pick Microsoft Again, no corrective update, forcing others in this thread to figure workarounds after they paid Microsoft. Now I'm having the same issue as most of you. OS X and Word are all latest versions with most current updates. I hope this helps some of you. Any idea what is going on or if there is a fix, or a bug And if that is the issue, they should tell us. 2. I had dragged things into i-cloud to try to get them to transfer from one drive to You can even export and sharedocuments directly from Word. of Mendeley is not compatible with Mohave and can cause a multitude of problems with Word. I   Has anyone had the problem after working in I-Cloud? did change with it before you submit your document anywhere. It worked!! Neither one actually does anything.