Kangaroos and other Native wildlife are totally protected. I am looking to do target archery not hunting, so I know I wont need a hunting license, what I am not sure of is if i need a license to own and operate one, like you do a rifle! What license do you need to own a compound bow? General licence holders must also be over 12 years of age. Get your answers by asking now. Build your own bow (PVC or wood) and just wing it. If you was fishing at a lake and caught one then pulled it out of the water and the fish ask who you are what would you do. Search for a hunting block. Note - In September 2019 we added an extra page on the legality of portable targets just to explain why it is perfectly acceptable to use portable targets. You need not require a licence if you are just using for the purpose of sports. This way you learn how to do archery first before buying equipment that might not suit you. If the grain is vertical wiggle it up and down. :D, not if you don't tell anybody you have one. Crossbows must have a minimum draw weight of 100-pounds. Hold steady for 12 seconds. What kind of arrows or arrowheads are we allowed to use? To even offer such a service a company would require a deposit for the total value of the equipment, and would then subtract a damage deposit for each damaged or lost piece of equipment (and beginners tend to break a lot of arrows unless being taught proper form and aiming techniques by an instructor). If you are a beginner please use the short range. Bear, Hoyt, Martin, PSE and similar higher quality companies also sell 3 piece and 1 piece recurves. What are activities that you have to “sign your life away” to do? Examples of these private ranges are: Durham Archers north of Oshawa, Archers of Caledon north of Brampton, York County Bowmen east of Newmarket, and the Ontario Centre for Classical Sport in Mississauga. What are the distances at the archery range? 8 years ago You do not need a firearms license for a bow nor you do not need one for a crossbow What are the archery range hours? Yes and no. The University of Toronto does have an indoor range in the basement of Hart House, but it is for club members only. Easy Pull Arrowheads. Do I need a licence or permit for a Compound Bow? Do we need to be experienced to use the Toronto Archery Range? Broadheads (with sharp blades) are strictly prohibited. Requirements may also be imposed for the standard of equipment to be used. There are also a plethora of ethnic delights on nearby Overlea and Laird. Why are the target butts made out of Natural Tentest [as described on the archery range page], wouldn't hay bales be cheaper and last longer? Since this person cannot charge you any fees, he would likely be a friend or relative. I am new to archery and want to buy my own bow but I don't know how many pounds my bow should be. Your arrow would go deep into the hay bale and be buried somewhere inside. Traditional and compound bows are not included in the Prohibited Weapons Act, only crossbows. If you are shooting at a paper, plastic or cloth target please follow the traditional way of removing an arrow from a target which is to place your fingers on the target around the base of the arrow, hold the shaft of the arrow at the base with your opposite hand and then pull out the arrow out gently. They break super easily. Absolutely nothing. Yes, but the dog should be kept on a leash and tied near the west fence to prevent them from running out on to the range while people are shooting. See our list of Toronto Archery Camps. What is the best way to protect from groin shots in paintball ? Please use non metal pins to pin up your target. Are there paper targets on the target butts? We have a selection of archery targets in a zip file which you can download and print out. Join Date: Mar 2008.