The pushbutton timer includes Clipsal’s ControlLink technology that allows for multi-way triggering over conventional mains wiring. Includes on-board C-Bus Ripple server for use with C-Bus Multi-Room Audio solution (configuration of C-Bus Ripple library and playlist is possible from iOS app only) Includes a 10-year Lithium battery backup for the Real Time Clock (RTC) Powered by 24Vd.c. Requires iOS 11.0 or later. The installer provides the home owner with the IP address and security codes needed to access the project. Up to six family members will be able to use this app with Family Sharing enabled. Hope this feature is on its way. Trade Talk Trade Talk Trade Talk. My devices, or at least my favourites, should be the first thing I see, with their most common functions available at at that point. Tracking its usage is tricky, but essential to identifying inefficiencies and reducing the amount you spend on energy bills. Schneider Electric (Australia) Pty Ltd. All rights reserved. Wiser Home Controller 2 WHC2_5918 Installation Instructions Thank you for your purchase of the Wiser Home Controller 2. Learn more about installing Energy Management by Wiser for your customers. Wiser Room is an innovative and convenient configuration tool for Bluetooth enabled timers, time clocks and electronic switches mounted within a Home Wiser 2 User Interface (Wiser 2 UI). Yes, it supports both gross and net metering. Clipsal continues to expand our innovative Iconic range with the introduction of the new Connected Socket. Copyright © 2020 Apple Inc. All rights reserved. If your internet connection stops working, you will receive a notification on your smartphone. Iconic Essence has smooth, round wooden edges, inspired by classics comport and...", "CALLING THE CLIPSAL COMMUNITY! Enhanced connectivity Clipsal Iconic includes a comprehensive range of options for all modern network connectivity requirements. User data is not shared with any third parties. Clipsal By Schneider Electric 21,394 views. Use this document in conjunction with the Setup Sheet (provided with the Wiser 2) and the Help files included in the software products from Schneider Electric. That way I don’t have to go around the house to manually set up each one again, Hi and thanks for your feedback! Clipsal Wiser HD . Discover the Wiser difference When power is lost to this mechanism it is restored to its off state wich can ONLY be triggered by that switch and not an additional switch. Using the Wiser App together with connected Wiser devices installed into your home's switchboard, keep track of your electrical circuits, maximise your solar performance, set a budget and save on bills. New Wiser Iconic Switch (10A) We are pleased to announce the launch of the Wiser Iconic 10A switch mech, providing simple smart device app control from the Wiser Room App. When configuring with the Wiser Room App, delay periods from 1 second to 24 hours can be achieved with a 1 second resolution. Wiser works by creating rooms, each of which can hold multiple heating devices. Read about Energy Management by Wiser (PDF 1042KB) That’s where Energy Management by Wiser™ comes in. The Wiser App and all software are continuously updated to stay ahead of any potential security threats. The Clipsal by Schneider Electric Wiser Home Control Mark 2, (or Wiser 2 as most call it) for C-Bus networks builds on the solid foundation of the previous Wiser Home Control home automation controller for C-Bus networks. Wiser Room is an innovative and convenient configuration tool for Bluetooth enabled timers, time clocks and electronic switches mounted within a Home. App allows easy access to individual device settings however no grouping function. There’s no reason your home's energy usage should be a mystery. © LED Indicator Warm White, on for 5 … I should not have to open the app, open a screen, open a device before I can do anything. Today we got our first view of the amazing new iPad app for the Clipsal Wiser. Smart home, just Wiser™ Make smarter energy choices at home with Energy Management by Wiser™. Review Clipsal Wiser Room release date, changelog and more. Wiser Room smartphone App allows for configuration of features such as LED indicator behaviour and time delay periods. Now more than ever it's important to stick together, share our experiences and work through some ideas for staying strong...". I can set timers to go from medium to low...Would be great to see some improvements in the apps functionality, also if possible allow the lights to gradually dim up or down over time. So you can protect both your home and loved ones. TIP: Incorporate Wiser Home Control™ into your C-Bus system and you can control your entire home from a mobile device or laptop. (9.00AM to 5:00PM Mon to Fri AEST), 13 73 28 (13 SEAU) Night Walk makes night time navigation safer, plugging simply into an Iconic double power point. You don't have to have a PowerTag on each circuit breaker. Not just a Double Power Point, the Clipsal Iconic Double Connected Power Point gives you app controlled switching with the Wiser Room App. IGSS Mobile Utilities eSetup for Electrician Utilities EcoStruxure for Small Business Productivity EcoStruxure Power Device Utilities Conext CL125 Utilities iPad See All . ACN 42 004 969 304. However in order to get the full benefit of Energy Management by Wiser and protect your entire home, we recommend that a PowerTag is installed on each circuit breaker. The app will also continue to work at home if the cloud connection is lost. Schneider Electric doesn’t use end-user personal data for any purpose other than to improve the service and support provided. If Multi-way pushbutton dimming is required it is recommended to use the Wiser Micro Dimmer Module and Bell press mechanisms ( CLP5010-0001 and 60PBBP) For example, you may want to have two radiator valves in one room. 2.2 Connectors and Indicators The connectors and indicators on the Wiser 2 Home Controller are shown below. Clipsal Wiser 2 Home Control. No, unfortunately this is not possible as it is a 1 way mechanism. Would love to be able to turn multiple lights on and off in one action. Track your electricity consumption per circuit to spot inefficiencies and tackle them for greater savings. 5200WHC2. Energy Management by Wiser compatible with three-phase installation. The 10A, 250V Iconic Connected Power Point can future-proof every home Cheers. Sign up to an account that suits your needs and take advantage of a customised Clipsal experience. A number of new interface function are evident and we will elaborate more on these as we discover them but what is instantly apparent is a great new sliding panel format for multiple items in each group type eg. The apps good for controlling the dimming of the lights but the timer function is a bit random. Clipsal Iconic™ BLE - Wiser Room App - Duration: 5:06. Introducing the Clipsal Iconic Wiser Dimmer with simple app configuration and control, offering your customers convenience and comfort. As a smart, connected technology for homes, it gives you 24/7 visibility into your home's energy consumption and production. Interested in Clipsal products but unsure what the next step is? Clipsal Iconic Connected Socket Iconic sockets become smart. Clipsal Wiser Room Android latest 1.5.2 APK Download and Install. We're living through a time of major change. Intuitive Wiser 2 audio widgets control your C-Bus Multi-Room Audio system. Dual internal connections enable the Wiser controller to remain connected to the C-Bus system, even when configuring via the Wiser C-Bus connection (using Toolkit programming software). Wiser can control lighting, air conditioning, multi-room audio, blinds/curtains, watering systems, security and more.